Assembling Your LEGO Display Case

In the package, you will find five clear acrylic panels: left/right side panels, front/back panels, a top panel, and a black base panel (sometimes two depending on the design). You will also find black and silver metal connectors and screws.

Before connecting the panels, carefully remove the brown protective film. It is important to keep the panels upright and avoid placing them on surfaces like desks, floors, or carpets to prevent dust from sticking to them.

Step 1: Connect the left/right side panels and the front/back panels using the metal connectors. Note that each side panel has an up and down orientation, with the more protruding feet facing downwards. Only use the black metal connectors for the bottom corners. If the size of the display case is larger, you may need to add an extra metal connector in the middle for stability and it has been provided.

Step 2: Connect the remaining two side panels to form a rectangular frame. If your design includes doors or other accessories, install them before connecting the panels. For multi-tier display cases, place the middle partition before enclosing it with the frame.

Step 3: Place the black base panel in the desired location for your display case, and then place your LEGO model in the center of the panel. Use the pre-assembled claer frame to enclose the model from the top down. Finally, cover it with the top panel to seal the display case.

With these steps, your LEGO display case is now ready for display!

Please note that different display cases may have design differences, and assembly methods may vary. We have another simple installation video which may provide you with a better understanding of the installation process. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you enjoy your new LEGO display case!